July 11, 2020
One Brave Step: How To Cope Creatively

We are going to be hearing different journeys of three artists for our convo this July. Our three artist speakers for this event, namely:

Theatre Artist & Educator

Founder, TofuCreatives Artist & Musician

Founder, TofuCreatives
Creator behind 
Professional Doodler and Creative Communicator

May 30, 2020
It's our 3rd year anniversary month! 💕

For Anika Punzalan, the ceiling for any creative work is only in the person's imagination. 

May 2, 2020
Female Leadership

We'll talk about the importance of acknowledging vulnerability; finding alignment, practicing balance; and female representation in decision-making. We'll share best practices for leaders and freelancers on how to cope, be creative, and continue to be part of a community at this time.

April 25, 2020
Conscious Label: She Creates the Future of Fashion

In Collaboration with Forth Co.

Get inspired by the bold, empowered women who are re-shaping the future of fashion! This is an online round table/panel discussion with the women who are reshaping the future of fashion. We will be discussing topics such as sustainability in fashion, inspiring stories of the panelists, and their initiatives in advocating & promoting sustainable fashion in the country.

March 3, 2020
#TDKTuesdays: Celebrating Women in Design

We'll talk about the successes of women in the industry and how to overcome struggles for women in design and freelance.

Feb 22, 2020
20/20 Vision

Our first event this 2020 is focused on 20/20 vision - we want to put things in perspective and envision the next decade rich with empathy, empowerment, and expression.

We want to create conversations about steps to take to become more environmentally conscious; the value of strengthening local communities; how women are changing the landscape in design; and the value of breaking down stereotypes when it comes to gender.


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