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LW&D Manila Chapter was founded by Chem & Thea and is made possible together with Shannen, Alecs, Denise, Kaela, Carol, Rain & Dana.

Life as a Filipina Creative

Our first Convo Series was held on May 30, 2017 with a brutally honest and open chat about life as a female creative. We celebrate this topic every year to catch up on how things have changed since then.

lwd bday 2017

What makes us unique from all the other chapters is our Filipino culture and our personality of wit, grit, and soul.

We are women with childlike wonder.

We are grateful for the power of creativity.

Creativity as a means to articulate our anxieties and aspirations. We are grateful that it has offered an outlet for us to keep sane, express our pent up emotions, and spend our coiled up energies.

Artwork by Jill Arteche

We are grateful for living through creating.

We share joy in seeing many people extend their generosity through creative movements to navigate through the pandemic, live with the pains of politics, and to serve as a voice of Filipinos who are exhausted with being called resilient after calamities.

Live scribe by Desiree Llanos Dee of Tofu Creatives

We are grateful for the power of presence.

Even when we are alone with ourselves. Staying in the now, showing up for ourselves when we need it the most, and the energy to face each day with a hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Artwork by Shaun Sager

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